Lightyear Demonstrations

by Outer Space





From the original Deception Island press statement:

So, there’s this site in the New Mexico desert where they apparently store the worst kind of radioactive waste there is, the mindbending half-life of which is such that it’s moved the US government to commission a series of massive granite obelisks, intended, no matter what might intervene between now and 14010 AD, to communicate in no uncertain terms, “You’re fucked!” Per Julia Bryan-Wilson, who wrote on the topic in October last year:

“Each will be inscribed with messages in seven languages about the poisonous waste underneath; they are meant to withstand any climate changes, as well as the likely evolution of the written word over the next ten centuries. Room has been left on the surface of each tower for future viewers to translate the warning into their own language and chisel it into the rock, with the anticipation that it will become a sort of Rosetta stone. …on the right, an image from a textbook on human ethology showing the ‘universal’ facial registration of disgust or nausea.”

The phonographic equivalent of these tablets, Lightyear Demonstrations is a collection of four massive pieces the cumulative effect of which forms some sort of Library of Babel of generative synth churn and sputter, like you just brought your own case of shitty beers, a couple stiff doses, some rusted-out lawn chairs, and a busted sequencer (John has requested that I note that so many releases promise a broken sequencer, while this one actually delivers. I’ve seen it, and it is indeed pretty mangled, so there you have it.) to some celestial casino. There are no clocks and endless reflective surfaces at every point of entry as DI mainstays and veteran Cleveland jammers John Elliott of Emeralds and Jeff Hatfield of Fragments lock into deep memory loss territory and fry dual Moog burble and splatter for two hours without interruption. Essential for devotees of any of Elliott and Hatfield’s numerous other endeavors, the work of like-minded precursors from Conrad Schnitzler to C.C.C.C., and the general possibility of records that sound like timestretched bong hits.


released November 11, 2016

John Elliott - Synthesizer and FX
Jeff Hatfield - Synthesizer and FX

Originally released on Deception Island as a 2xC60 set.
Mineral Disk Digital #014

WARNING: Super intense synthesizer deconstruction


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Outer Space Cleveland, Ohio

Outer Space is the core duo of John Elliott and Andrew Veres established in 2007.

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